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Our long-term business occupation and priority is an ecological production of thermal and electric energy from renewable resources originating from Slovakia. We know that such production is economical and sustainable precisely because of the annual, reliable wood increase, and no less due to recycling and wood material waste usage. This way the waste can be beneficial and have ecological use.

Our production unit generates approximately 200,000MWh of heat and 35,000 MWh of electricity per year. This means providing heat to approximately 12,000 average households and electricity to approximately 10,000 average households per year.

Eco-friendly energy from biomass

Our production process is subject to strict emission limits and contributes to resource diversification, higher energy security, and self-sufficiency of the region, which is crucial for the future.

Biomass, that does not have any other utilization in the industry, is used as an effective alternative source for heat and electricity production. A wide range of recovered materials comes from our own processing or purchase from local suppliers. Examples of these are unsaleable timber residues after logging, wood and bark waste, sawdust, cardboard, wooden packaging, or sediment left after cleaning of watercourses.

Shredding and chipping of wood material

Usable materials are processed into quality wood chips by our high-performance shredders and chippers, and then transported by our own freight transport.

We are able to process and transport hundreds of tonnes of material on daily basis and use it efficiently to produce energy. During the energy production, waste products such as bottom ash and fly ash form. These are disposed of in accordance with their catalogue number. These wastes can be further used, for example, in agriculture for soil deacidification, in construction as an additive in production of building materials, or in various fertilisers.
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