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We transport hundreds of tonnes daily

We secure freight transports of bulk material daily, especially the wood biomass weighing 500 tonnes. Our services offer heavy lorry transport or road transport of machineries and equipment.

Which vehicles does BUČINA ZVOLEN have at their disposal?

Within our vehicle fleet, we have vehicles transporting large-capacity Abroll containers and semitrailer with walking floor. We also have vehicles with hydraulic arm, which can carry out loading without the help of additional loaders or manipulators.

What are these vehicles used for?

Vehicles are primarily designed for wood material import and transport. However, we also have the capacity to provide services for external companies or individual customers.
The freight transport services can be used to move bulk materials. Single transport volume can go from 30 to 90 m³. That represents approximately 10 to 20 tonnes.

For whom is the freight transport not intended?

This service is not suitable for companies that have to tie down their cargo. Containers do not contain handles to tie down and secure cargo.

Is it possible to book the freight transport?

It is possible to arrange the freight transport by an agreement. Contact us here.

What other services do you offer?

Additional services include container rental for transporting materials. It is possible to combine container rental with transport and delivery to a designated place. You can also order loading or recovery of wood material in the form of purchase and subsequent shredding or chipping.

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