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Optimal location

BUČINA ZVOLEN was founded in 1946. Industrialization of Czechoslovakia impacted the city Zvolen as well, which was chosen to be the ideal place for establishing wood processing company.

Advantageous location for transport as well as high percentage of forest covered areas in the region were a decisive factor for construction. Because of this decision the company was responsible for distinct rise of employment in the region.

Changes during privatization

Privatization fundamentally impacted ownership structure of Bučina. The ownership transferred from state to private one.

Years 2003 and 2006 marked the time of further changes. Divisions of decorative chipboard were sold to foreign investor – multinational group KRONOSPAN, and the rest of the production plant with other wood processing divisions followed.

BUČINA ZVOLEN kept the energy division and thus main business occupation became production of thermal and electric energy from renewable resources.

Trusted energy supplier

The positive view on the use of renewable resources has also been reflected in legislation. Between 2009 and 2011, thanks to extensive experience in wood biomass combustion, BUČINA ZVOLEN was able to make an investment, co-financed by European Regional Development Fund, in the amount of 15.5 million EURO.

Combined electric and thermal energy production thus became more effective, and continues to provide long-term reliability.
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