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Energy production

Green energy from our forests

As an experienced electric and thermal energy supplier, we use mixture of wood biomass as fuel. We acquire the biomass by purchasing it or processing it ourselves. 

We obtain heat through biomass combustion in two medium-pressure steam grate boilers. Grate design of the boiler allows combustion of different quality, especially the waste like and low-quality, mixtures.

Combustion process

Since every flammable substance needs an appropriate amount of air for complete combustion, our technology is equipped with oxygen sensors, which measures oxygen level in flue gasses. Due to that, we are able to control the amount of air delivered into the boilers.

Primary fans supply air underneath the grate, whilst, secondary fans bring in air through sidewalls just above the burning fuel. This division allows for high-level combustion control of different wood mixtures.

Reliable heat and electricity production

Boiler pressure system consists of these heat exchange surfaces:  economizers, evaporators and superheaters.

Heat exchange surfaces are heated by flue gasses that pass through the boiler. Heated water circulates within economizers, then travels to the steam drum, and then into the evaporator where water changes into steam. Steam gets additionally heated in the superheaters. 

Heat, in the form of superheated steam, continues into joint steam header to which an extraction-condensing turbine is connected. The turbine is spun by incoming steam to high revolutions, producing mechanical energy which is transferred to a generator where electric voltage is induced – this is the process of electricity production. 

Part of the steam from turbines travels through regulated extraction into heat exchange stations as supplied heat. Rest goes into condenser, in which steam turns back into water. Pumps transfer condensate back to the beginning of production process – into feed tank that is connected to suction pipes that push water back into boilers and thus the cycle repeats itself.

Emission limits

Exit flue gasses pass through electrostatic separators which collect solid pollutants while they are being pushed into a 40 meter tall steel chimney by smoke extractor fan. Monitored values of emissions are below the strict emission limits set by the legislation.

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