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Purchase and use of wood

Utilization of alternative sources

Processing of selected materials, which we acquire through local businesses or through our own processing, takes place on the company’s premises, or at customer’s chosen location.

They mostly come from forestry residues such as wood, sawdust, bark, brushwood as well as wood pulp boards or wood packaging and cork, all according to regulation 365/2015 Z.z., which defines the Waste Catalogue of category O.

Processing of wood materials

Aforementioned materials are used as fuel or in the process of energy production, as stated in attached file nr. 1 according to article 79/2015 Z.z. on waste. 

Thermal energy is produced by 2 grate boilers, and electricity is produced through condensing turbine with extraction. 

Waste produced during energy production comes in form of bottom ash and fly ash, which can be used in agriculture for soil deacidification, in construction as additive in production of building materials, or in various fertilisers. We handle waste in accordance with catalogue number mentioned bellow. 

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Lists of purchased materials and wastes which are expected as a by-product of production process.

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